Eisert, Bussey compete at Legacy dance

Sophomore Sydney Eisert and freshman Ava Bussey competed at the Legacy Dance competition in Kissimmee Florida this past weekend. They danced along with the competition team from their studio Rhythm in Motion. Eisert performed in a trio, or a dance with only three people, and placed eighth overall and received high gold.

“The style of my dance is jazz, and it is to a song called Showstoppers,” Eisert said. “My favorite dances to do are trios and group dances because I feel like it is more fun to dance with your friends than by yourself.”

Bussey performed a solo, which didn’t place but did receive high gold.

“My solo is lyrical, and the song is called Believe,” Bussey said. “I like my solo a lot though, so I don’t really care that I didn’t place.”

Bussey, like Eisert, prefers dancing in a group than dancing alone.

“I like performing in group dances, but I always love the choreography of my solo better because everything comes more natural,” Bussey said. “Which makes sense considering my teacher choreographs it specifically for me.”

This competition is a lot smaller than the other ones the girls normally compete at.

“I didn’t really like this competition because the stage was a weird shape and it didn’t feel as upbeat and exciting as other competitions did,” Eisert said. “But that may be because we didn’t bring all of our dances to this competition.”

By Katie Perez