Students eager for Easter to arrive


As decorations of bunnies, eggs and candy begin lining the shelves in stores, students become excited for Sunday’s Easter holiday. Junior Jolie Russo said she’s especially thrilled about spending time with her family.

“Usually my aunt and cousins will come stay with us for a few days around Easter,” Russo said. “But this year we decided to go to visit them in Sarasota and make a mini beach vacation out of it.”

Russo said she enjoys visiting with her family and she likes her family’s traditions.

“My whole family is going to go out to eat at a nice restaurant for an Easter brunch on Sunday,” she said. “Then we are going to my aunt’s house to have an Easter egg hunt, which is mainly for my younger cousins but I like to help them find the eggs.”

Sophomore Christian Rebec also has fond memories of Easter traditions with his family.

“We all love to do the Easter egg hunt, including the adults,” Rebec said. “We get really competitive, so it makes it a lot of fun.”

Limited edition candies available only during the Easter season are especially popular.

“I always look forward to the Cadbury chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunnies are also some of my favorites,” Russo said.

Rebec said his plans for this Easter plans have been impacted by his weekend basketball tournament.

“Even though Easter is going to be a little bit different this year because of basketball, I am still hoping to eat a lot of candy and visit with my family,” Rebec said.

By Chloe Garoust