Dorian doesn’t delay “Hello Dolly!” opening

Despite the last two hurricanes Matthew and Irma pushing the all-school musical back three weeks, Hurricane Dorian didn’t budge “Hello, Dolly!” With rehearsals supposed to be in full swing, the cast and crew for the all school musical “Hello, Dolly!” fell behind three rehearsals due to both the hurricane and the SAT. Besides the three rehearsals, the show dates themselves didn’t move.

Although the campus experienced no direct impact from Dorian, actors, tech crew, and pit orchestra members said  the lack of rehearsals has affected their process in one way or another.

Senior Sabrina Torres, who will play the lead role of Dolly, said that even with the lost rehearsals, there is enough time for the show to be together by opening night. 

“I think that the show will be good even if we lost those days considering most of our cast is used to putting shows together in a small amount of time,” Torres said. “Everybody is usually good about leading things on their own so we can move faster during rehearsal. We always have to balance school work and learning lines; in fact, I got to learn a lot of my lines during the hurricane break which was nice.”

Like Torres, senior Gracie Moravecky, who is playing the supporting role of Minnie, said that the lack of rehearsals caused her to fall behind.

“Due to the hurricane causing a couple of canceled rehearsals and the show not being able to be pushed back, it did put us a couple of weeks behind schedule,” Moravecky said. “However, I think [Director Maureen] Fallon expects these kinds of delays and builds the rehearsal schedule around the possibility of cancellations. We should be just as ready for opening night as we usually are.”

Lead Choreographer Jade Norton has been staying busy at Saturday rehearsals, saying that the lack of rehearsals impacted how choreography was finalized.

“I’ve been teaching at a faster pace,” Norton said. “We told people at dance auditions [that if they] don’t have any dance background we don’t want you to audition because we need people that can pick up this choreo[graphy] quickly. That way, we can have time to clean up the dances at the end. Last year we had a problem with that. No one remembered the dances very much because we didn’t review. We just learned number to number.”

Junior Haley Alvarez-Lauto, who plays cello in the pit orchestra, said compared to last year’s high school musical “Carousel,”, the musicians till had more rehearsals with “Hello Dolly!”

“Last year we only had two rehearsals before tech week, but this year we scheduled  four even with Dorian interrupting school,’’ Alvarez-Lauto said. “At least from a string player’s point of view, “Hello Dolly!” has been easier to learn and comprehend than [previous musical] “Carousel,” so I believe that this year’s opening night will be better.”

The show is scheduled to open Thursday and run through Sunday.Tickets are $11 and $9 for students with student ID.