Calendar Conflict

Valery Linkenhoker, Staff Writer

Seniors have waited the last four years to be able to walk across the stage of graduation to claim the diploma that they strived to receive. 

But this year some might not have the luxury of being fully focused and energetic during the ceremony due to advanced placement testing taking place the same day.

Sydney Zamorano worries that seniors have developed “senioritis” throughout the year, draining their motivation more.

“It [stinks] having AP exams the week of graduation because a good majority of us have already lost motivation and I know it’ll definitely be gone by then,” Zamorano said. “It really [stinks] for the five kids who have to take [Human Geography] on graduation day.”

Senior Sarah Edmiston said she wishes AP testing occurred earlier in the school year.

“I am going to be thinking about graduation and not focused on my AP exams,” Edmiston said. ”I feel like that will mess me up a little bit and I’ll have to regain focus.”

Senior Giao Huynh said testing on the day before graduation can make seniors stressed until the last moment.

“I feel that we are going to be really anxious up to the point of graduation,” Huynh said. “We aren’t really done yet until literally the day before [graduation].”

Senior Shane Busing expressed concerned for preparing for graduation as well as his focus during the exam.

“I feel as if taking an exam on graduation day is not only pointless, but also a detriment,” Busing said. “It’s an AP exam, and my mind as well as all seniors’ minds will be on graduation, not the contents of the exam. This also interferes with graduation preparation and it’s not what anyone wants to be doing on their last day of high school.”

Zamorano wondered about how exams will interfere with planning for end-of-the-year events. 

“It raises problems when planning our senior picnic and graduation practice,” Zamorano said. “The Senior Class had to pick dates so that the smallest number of people will be missing due to AP’s.”