Aramadillo petting zoo makes a striking debut

Sofia Palermo, Staff Writer

Filled with lulling, resonant ambiance and fervent cries of electric guitar, sophomore June Griffith, also known as ‘Armadillo Petting Zoo’, has released her first album “Thursday.” Consisting of 11 tracks, this hour-long album reveals an emotional, self-reflecting journey — a beautiful compilation of affliction and rebirth, despite the barriers and the hardships she’s experienced. With lyrics that strike to the core, and an intricate, unique and consuming sound, Griffith not only intertwines folk, rock and underground punk elements to create an alluring atmosphere, but also expresses emotions and experiences the audience can relate to.

Traveling through somber acoustics to swelling, rapid rhythms, “Thursday” provides the perfect illustration of a teenager’s struggle with emotions. The album starts off delicately with a soft acoustic melody mixed in “Amissa Fragmenta, Pt.1”, and transitions into a rough, experimental sound with songs like “Melodies/Withered Guts” and “Cupertino.” Yet, Griffith never fails to create a balance between her works.

This album is parallel to a story diagram. It flows and evolves up until the climax “Riverside,” where the anguish and pain felt can no longer be contained. It’s a relentless and inevitable explosion waiting to happen. After this, it transitions directly into “There is Nothing Wrong with Me, Pts. 1 & 2.” a glimpse of realization for Griffith: acceptance. Griffith describes the first steps towards recognizing true toxicity in her life.