Yearbook misses proofs deadline

The yearbook staff missed a deadline for turning in a set of proofs in January, said Molly Luu, co-editor in chief of yearbook.

“The deadline was a few weeks ago,” Luu said. “The proofs that were late are the club sports and upperclassmen spreads.”

Predictably, missing the deadline came with a few consequences. It caused money to be lost, as some had to be spent to extend the deadline — though, through their excess ad sales, the yearbook staff can afford the fee — and caused tension between the editors and their adviser, Mark Schledorn.

But the staff was able to milk the extension for all it was worth and create better proofs to send out.

“When we found out we missed the deadline, we all went into a stress-panic at first, but we knew we could make it up,” said Isabella Serrano-Kuehanst, a member of the yearbook staff. “And we just worked 10 times harder in class.”

Their hard work is bearing good results already. The staff managed to send out the sports spreads, and are expecting to send out the upperclassmen spread by Feb. 4 at the latest. Not only that, but the current versions of the spreads they are submitting are much better than the previous ones of them that would’ve been submitted on their original deadline.

“We’d rather miss a deadline and make [the yearbook] the best we can make it than send something on time that isn’t as good as we want it to be,” Luu said.

By Surina Venkat