Yearbook makes deadline with time to spare

The yearbook staff recently finished work for one of their deadlines early, easing some of the constant tension the nonstop deadlines put on the staff’s shoulders.

“We sent out the senior sections last Monday,” said Molly Luu, co-editor in chief of the yearbook. “But we were done with them about a week before.”

This allowed the staff time to work on other spreads, which lightened their overall crush of work. However, the staff hasn’t slowed down and is rushing forward once again to make their yearbook.

“It’s never relaxed [in the workroom] because proofs come back and you have to keep everything going,” Anna Wilder, the other co-editor in chief of the yearbook, said. “We have a huge deadline coming up March 4 though, so it was nice to get this deadline out of the way, but we’re also still correcting the proofs as they come back.”

Keeping up with the seemingly endless workload hasn’t been easy, but Wilder and Luu have learned how to stay on top of it.

“You learn to prioritize what’s important,” Wilder said. “Sometimes you have to give up certain things — even if they’re small — to prioritize the large ones.”

The strategy seems to be working, as it has already gleaned results.

By Surina Venkat