What students aren’t thankful for

With Thanksgiving approaching on Thursday, students will have 5 days off of school to celebrate the holiday.  While some see this break as unnecessary, others, such as freshman Mallory Chauvin are excited.

“I see the break as needed because thanksgiving is a time meant for spending with friends and family,” she said. “The five days off allow us time to travel and to see family we don’t get to interact with at other parts of the year.”

Chauvin also views the break as a good time to catch up on school work.

“Classes are getting more stressful because of midterms coming up,” she said. “So this break not only lets us relax, but it also gives us time to better prepare for these tests.”

Freshman Thomas Welman has a different outlook on the break.

“I don’t feel that having two days of school before the break is necessary, because there is not much teaching you can really get accomplished within two days,”  he said.  “It is also a stressful time because many teachers give tests on these last two days which makes it hard to prepare for all of them due to other extracurricular activities I have in the week.”

By Cullen Yarbrough