West Shore dominates science fair

West Shore dominated the Mainland Science Fair in Merritt Island. The 73 participants won a combined total of $1,800 cash along with $592,000 of scholarships from FIT, and of the 22 students chosen to move on to the Orlando Science Center fair, 17 are from West Shore.

The results were as follows.

Junior division Best of Show: Calista F. and Muhammad A.

Senior division Best of Show runner-up:Nick Etrick

First place winners: Elena Abascal, Muhammad A., David Anderson, Nick Etrick, Calista F., Lydia Howald, Tate L., Huda Naas, Moriah Padgett, Ashley Peters, Mamoon Syed, Srimayi Tenali, Noah Wundke, Erin Yandel

Second place winners: Nick Baker, Margarita Cruz-Sanchez, Andres Cruz-Sanchez, Anna F, River Grace, Allie Henderson, Fatima Hussain, Sacha Laloo, Lily McKnight, Jace Petroski, Michael Pickering, Suzie Plyler, Roba Sabawi, Jack Sandberg, Ananda Sundararaman, Grayden Taylor, Ryan Wheat

Third place winners: Robbie Breininger, Nikita Davda, Michaele Garrison, Claire Goffinet, Tori Hare, Emma Kent, Jay Kundumatdathil, Sebastian Moorman, Brett Napier, Smirti Sanjay-Gopal, Sydney Saunders, Hannah Schmidt, Brianna Youhana

Fourth place winners: Ali Borz, Daniel Breininger, Nicole Ciar, Jeremy Gluck, Melissa H, Valerie Kobzarenko, Shivani Laloo, Ryan McCullough, Ankita patel, Carissa Sage, Dominique Sims

The first place winners won a bid to the state science fair in Lakeland April 8 through 11.

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on its web sites.