Weather impacts swimmers’ practice routine

The new official season for swimming doesn’t start until August, that does not mean that West Shore Swimmers won’t be doing anything for the next eight months. 

Swim Coach Rebecca Matoska said it’s important to keep practicing in order to maintain stamina. 

“Swimming is one of those sports that requires constant practice and devotion,” she said.

However, Florida’s weather is affecting swimmer’s ability to keep practicing. 

“It feels like every other day it’s raining or thundering even if it isn’t storming,” freshman Sophia Fetouh said.

“It is also very chilly right now and the pool that is mostly used, Fee Avenue Pool, isn’t heated which makes it 10 times worse,” Fetouh said. “During this time of year, many people dread going to practice and some even refuse to come, coming up with some pretty crazy excuses as to why they aren’t going to come.”

Coach Matoska is aware of this.

“I know that a lot of our swimmer’s don’t practice during the cold off season,” she said. “Even though I don’t coach the club team that most of our swimmers are on, it is very clear at the beginning of the season who didn’t practice.”

Sophomore Regan Faherty plans to stick with her practice regimen.

“Even though it’s super cold and sometimes miserable during practice in the winter, it is always worth it as it helps maintain my time and keeps me in shape,” she said. 

By Ari Belcher