Weather impacts swim season

The swim team has had to cancel multiple practice and meets due to the weather this season. Most recently Hurricane Matthew caused the the team’s final meet of the season against Satellite to be canceled.

“We’ve had to cancel three meets this season,” Coach Don Gornto said. “They were against Edgewood, Satellite, Melbourne and Holy Trinity. The Melbourne and Holy Trinity meet was combined.”

Multiple practice have been canceled as well.

“With practice being canceled so often, it’s hard to train and give your best,” junior Morgan Stewart said. “Districts is coming up, and it’s really important to train as much as we can. Some of the meets that got canceled were against our toughest opponents. It stinks when meets are canceled. Meets are the best part of swimming”

The district meet will be held Oct. 26 beginning at 3 p.m. at the North County Aquatic Center in Sebastian.

By Dylan Gornto