Varsity, JV hoops teams combine practices

The boys’ varsity basketball team has been overlapping practice times with the junior varsity team in recent days, and senior Ayden Lew said that’s a good thing.


“It gives [junior varsity] a chance to get more experience against guys who have been playing longer,” he said. “So it helps them get better, and for us varsity players, it allows us to work on executing our plays.”

Working with the varsity team can have upsides for the JV team as well.

“Practicing with varsity really gives us a better sense of how to play better,” sophomore Carl Koko said. “For example, for me playing the point guard position I get to learn from Juan Rodriguez and Travis McClendon who are varsity point guards. They play that position very well, so watching them helps me to learn the things that I need to do or work on to help the team get better.”

The teams will be practicing together three days this week.

By Travis McClendon