Two share most improved golfer award

Eighth-grader Shane G. and freshman Kyle Johnson were named most improved golfers at the boys’ varsity team end-of-season banquet Wednesday The event was held at the Tortoise Island clubhouse in Satellite Beach.

“Since last season was pretty bad,” Shane said. “It wasn’t too hard to improve by 5.2 strokes per nine. Kyle improved by eight strokes. Usually only one person wins most improved, so when [Coach David Kendall] called my name and Kyle’s name I was pretty stoked.”

And so was Johnson.

“The perfect end to a successful season,”  he said.

Kendall explained why two golfers received the award.

“It was too hard to choose between one of them,” Kendall said. “They both did so well this season, and for an eighth-grader to play in districts is phenomenal, so I had to give them both the award.”

Senior T.J. Tolle received a six-year varsity plaque.

“I feel kind of sad knowing that it’s over,” Tolle said, “but I’m happy with how I’ve improved over the years. I’m glad to be leaving behind a strong team that will continue to improve and do better than I ever did.”

By Matthew Senft-Greenberg

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on district-sponsored web sites.