Travel season slows as school season ramps up

Travel soccer leagues have begun optional practices with no upcoming tournaments now that the boys’ high-school soccer season is underway. West Shore held tryouts Oct. 23. Junior Robert Dujovne and freshman Daniel Johnson said scaling back the travel-league schedule is positive for players because it allows them to play on both teams and still manage their academic schedules.

“Having separate seasons really helps with school work,” Dujovne said. “I wouldn’t be able to finish all my homework if I had back-to-back practices.” 

This regulation applies at U-15, so beginning freshman year players have more flexibility.

“I’m excited about playing this year because my coach is finally letting us,” Johnson said. “In middle school he wouldn’t let us play high-school season because of the size of the other players,” 

High School players practice every day throughout season but practices are held directly after school which leaves the rest of the night to do homework. Practices for other teams such as Brevard Soccer Association are held two days a week but for a longer amount of time. Have the two practices together would make for quite the workload. 

By Audrey Johnson