Track team ready for first meet

With Monday’s season-opening track meet looming, freshman Drea Cumba is feeling confident in her abilities.

“I certainly hope I am ready for the meet considering all of the practice we’ve had, but we’ll see,” Cumba said “I’m doing the 100 and 200 relays, I think. I like the 200 more because it’s a bit more of a challenge. I feel like the 100 is too easy.”

Sophomore Diego Vento also said he feels prepared for the meet.

“I love track season because it helps me stay committed into staying active,” Vento said. “I am ready for the track meet. We’ve been practicing for about two weeks now, and I feel like I have really improved. I’m doing 100 relay, and I don’t know what else I’m doing.”

Sophomore Scarlett Heuett said she can’t wait to compete.

“I am very ready. I am so excited for the track meet,” Heuett said “I am doing triple jump and the 100. Triple jump is my favorite for sure because it is the most fun, and I just love jumping.”

Senior Josh Boyer will focus on field events.

“I’m competing in shot put, and discus,” he said. “I like discus more because it feels more accomplishing when you actually throw it.”

By Alexis Vander