TikTok challenge could result in serious consequences



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Cole Mehalick

After a month of encouraging teens to vandalize school bathrooms, one community on the TikTok social media app is suggesting a new and dangerous theme for the month October. The theme is slap a staff member month, and can have major consequences for students who attempt the trend. The challenge is to slap a teacher on the back of their head or neck.

“This theme is disgusting because this is your home for eight hours a day and why would you disobey like that,” School Resource Officer Valerie Butler said. “If you slap a staff member, it is like slapping a family member, it is just not worth it for the consequences.”

“I would hope not, but students did the devious lick [bathroom vandalization], so the best I could do is hope,” Valerie Butler said.

No instances have been reported at West Shore, but any students who participate in this trend trend could be charged with assault and face adult consequences.

“I could be certainly assured that you would be expelled and you would be charged with battery,” Butler said.

Schools across throughout the country are warning parents and students of the possible consequences after the challenge began to trend on social media and several students made headlines for assaulting teachers.

By Cole Mehalick