Theater troupe prepares for districts

With the District festival coming up Saturday in St. Cloud, the high school theater troupe has been practicing every day towards its goal, which is to get a superior ranking. The troupe hopes to score well enough qualifying them to move up to state competition.

“I’m participating in a duet musical and small group musical, so I have two events,” Genevieve Archibald (11) said. “I’m very excited for it and hope that I can have the opportunity to advance.”

Getting a superior allows participants to go to the state festival in Tampa.

“Right now the theater troupe is preparing events for the district festival. I am in the large group musical event and the pantomime event. Ethan Rebec (11) said. “Lots of kids that are competing in the festival are very stressed this week with all of their homework and workload as well as preparing for their events. I’ve had rehearsals every morning and after school. This being said, I am very excited for the festival.”

By Kathe Schrader