Theater to attend States during break

During Spring Break, a select group of theater students will travel to Tampa to compete against high-ranking high school performers at the annual state competition.

“From what I know of last year’s event, we go to a hotel in Tampa and we have an arranged schedule which tells us when we start going to the different events we’re in. Other than that though, we are free to do a lot around the hotel and have a lot of fun,” sophomore Shannon Kay said.

The school is allowed to bring the six groups that ranked the highest in Districts, a similar competition held at Melbourne High School earlier this year.

“Both of the large groups are going,” senior Madeline Anderson said. “My costume design is going, I believe Evan’s solo is going, Paige’s publicity design and the small group from the spelling bee are going,” 

Kay said she is happy that States take place when it does.

“I do like that it’s over break because it gives me a chance to just have fun rather than just miss school and worry about make-up,” she said.

By Lindsey Hill