Erratic bells return

At the beginning of the school year the bells that inform students when class starts and ends didn’t properly.  After a representative was sent down from Canada to try to fix the bells, they seemed to be working correctly — until recently.  Once again the bells do not work properly and either ring at erratic times or to not ring at all.
“There is nobody in this building that is more frustrated with the bell system than myself,” said principal Rick Fleming.
 Fleming is once again trying to quickly get the bells functioning properly.  He is not the only one who is frustrated.
“It is very inconvenient because students do not know when we are supposed to be in class or when we are supposed to leave class.  If the bells do not ring when they are supposed to, you might be late for your next class and might miss something important,” said junior Victoria Escandell.
For now, the student body and teachers have to deal with being late to class. The administration hopes the bells will begin functioning at their normal times again in the near future.
By Alyssa Gorewitz