Temperature fluctuations leave students sweating, shivering

Winter is coming, and compounding the difficulty of knowing how much to bundle up in Florida, where two days of freezing gusts may be followed by balmy sunshine, the temperatures of some teachers’ domains seem completely out of sync with the weather. Some rooms are extremely hot and some extremely cold.  To make things worse, teachers cannot control the temperatures in their rooms.

“Some teachers have really cold rooms, and some have really hot rooms, which makes it hard to know what to wear to school,” junior Amanda Moscrip said.

Walking through the hallways, a student can see some teachers with their doors and windows open because of the indoor heat.  In other classrooms, it is a good idea to bring a sweater just in case the room is too cold.

“I do not think the classrooms are cold enough,” junior Jake Dimond said. “I am always hot.”