Team shaves hair to shave time

Team shaves hair to shave time

Seeking a way to progress in the postseason, the boys’ cross-country team members have shaved their heads. The team shaved its heads after practice Thursday as part of a long-standing tradition. Almost every season the team shaves before the regional meet.

Bryce Valverde (12) got his head shaved.

“It feels really good,”  Bryce Valverde (12) said. “It feels very cool and refreshing when you run.”

Few runners decided not to get their hair shaved.

“I have luscious hair,” Ethan Wilder (10) said. “I’m planning on doing it my senior year.”

The cross-country team will be competing at regionals on Saturday and states the week after if they compete well.

“It was a full commitment to the team,” Valverde said.

By Gavin Litchfield