Swell hits Melbourne during Thanksgiving break

Melbourne recently had a good run of swells recently, with waves in the 4-to-6 feet range all along the coastline of Brevard County during Thanksgiving weekend.

“I surfed almost all day on this past Saturday at Floridana Beach from around 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon,” Ryan Wittemann (10) said. “The waves were good sized and the winds were offshore, so I made sure to surf as much as I could since it is not very often when a big swell will line up nicely with good wind and tide conditions.”

Although the ocean conditions were perfect, Wittemann mentioned that he did see a number of sharks during his session which is never something that a surfer wants to see.

The Thanksgiving swell was a positive sign for local surfers, indicating that the winter season has arrived which means more big swells are coming throughout the next few months.

By Ethan Wilder