Students win trophies at Latin State Forum

Five students left this year’s Latin State Forum with trophies and a total of 17 students took home ribbons, placing within the top 10 in their category. The event was held from April 5 to April 8 in Orlando.

“Only 21 schools out of over fifty place,” Latin teacher Timothy Oflaherty said. “Out of over 1,200 Latin students that participated statewide, for the first time in our school’s history, not only did we place, but we muscled out Holy Trinity for the Advanced Position to be one of the final 21 challengers for the closed Certamen.”

O’Flaherty added that next year he would like his students to participate in nationals.

In the Latin 1 category, Daryn Cook placed eighth, Christopher Jenkins placed seventh and Zoe Moore placed 10th.

In the Latin 2 category, Alyssa Holmquist placed eighth and Andrew Kohler placed third.

In the Latin 3 category, Arianna Issitt placed seventh and Christopher Johnson placed eighth.

In addition to the students who won academic awards, seven students also won creative awards. Alyssa Hildreth placed third in sculpture and pottery, Arianna Issitt placed second place in the miscellaneous jewelry category, Anya Johnson placed second in orations, Kirra Overton placed ninth in drawing, David Tran placed fourth in games, Roxy Underwood placed seventh in models and Desiree Sans placed eighth in modern myth.

Two students also won ribbons in the athletics category. Desiree Sanz placed seventh and Jameson Isom placed eighth.

By Tyler McIntyre