Students, teachers adapt to testing schedule

Students will be pulled out of class for end-of-course  testing and Advanced Placement exams, causing them to arrive late for class during the next two weeks.

While some students are enjoying this time out of class, others along with teachers, aren’t fans of the interruptions.

“I think the testing is helpful because it allows me to miss a lot of class,” freshman Austin Howard said. “And all of the homework that’s due that day, isn’t actually due that day.”

The timing of the tests may be inconvenient for some because EOC testing overlaps with AP exams.

“I hate the testing because I have to study for my AP classes and when the EOC makes me miss class it decreases my study time,” sophomore Rohan Patel said. “Some of my teachers don’t stop teaching, so that means I have to make up all the work I missed on top of studying for my AP classes.”

The EOC and AP testing will be completed by May 15.

By Evan Lanier.