Students split on early-release Fridays

Change was in the air for students coming back to class this school year. Homeroom moved from Wednesdays to Fridays because Brevard Public Schools moved early release Wednesdays to Fridays to accommodate dual-enrolled and early admission students. A quarter of the way into the school year, a random sample of 10 students were asked what how the change is working out. Opinions were split down the middle. Five said they liked the change, four said they hated it and one had no opinion.

“I guess I like it. It just adds to the experience with it being a little head start to the weekend because we get out earlier,” sophomore Olivia Thompson said. “It just makes Fridays feel more relaxed, and I guess it makes kids look forward to the weekend more.”

 But for sophomore John Luu, the schedule change has made life a little more difficult.

“To be honest, I think its extremely inconvenient,” Luu said. “I volunteer at the hospital on Fridays, so I had to reschedule my times, and since it’s on Fridays now when I decide to go out with my friends on Fridays, I can’t volunteer and I miss out on my precious volunteer hours. I always go for 100 hours a school year, so it’s going to be especially hard this year to reach my goal.”

By Matt Kish