Students seek relief as calendar turns to March

Students of all grade levels focused on waking up early and eating a nutritious breakfast in order to prepare for their designated day of testing last week. But taking standardized tests isn’t he only thing leaving students looking for ways to de-stress. Realizing the nine-weeks grading period is drawing to a close and  that Spring Break will not arrive until April 10 — nearly three weeks later than last year — also is leaving students desperate for relief. 

Junior Tessa Smith is finding ways to balance school work with fun activities to keep the stress at minimum.

“For me, music is what helps reduce my stress the most, ” Smith said. “Hanging out with friends and just sitting and doing nothing but watching videos on youtube is always good too.”

Junior Piper Jenkins  also has her own way of keeping a balance between school work and personal enjoyment.

“I think that sometimes it’s important to not focus entirely on school all the time,” Jenkins said. “You have take time for yourself every once and a while and relax so that you can do better.”

By Daly Mann