Students react to UNC championship

The University of North Carolina Men’s basketball team was able to pull out a victory against Gonzaga on Monday to avenge its buzzer-beating loss last season to the Villanova Wildcats in the championship game.

“I wanted UCLA to win the tournament originally,but I was happy that UNC won because my bracket ended as 99.6 percent correct because of that game,” sophomore Auston Gonzalez said. “Besides that I wouldn’t really care about the winner, so I was just hoping for a close and entertaining game, which it was.So overall, it was fun to watch and I’m happy for UNC, especially after their heartbreaking loss in last year’s championship.”

Sophomore Travis McClendon, on the other hand, did not enjoy the game as much as he had hoped he would.

“I find all basketball games fun to watch, but this one to and extent was boring because of the way the game was refereed,” McClendon said. “The refs were calling too many fouls which slowed down the tempo of the game and made it less enjoyable to watch.”

With the college basketball season over, many players have declared for the NBA draft.

“I think either Markelle Fultz or Josh Jackson will be the first pick in this year’s NBA draft, depending on the team that makes the selection because they may need to select a different position,” Gonzalez said. ” Even if Fultz is picked before Lonzo Ball, though, I think Ball will be a better player in the NBA, because he’s much bigger and can adapt to different play styles.”

McClendon expressed a similar prediction.

“I think the first pick in this year’s draft will be Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball,” McClendon said. “It just depends  on which team needs a different type of player as Lonzo and Markelle, considering they have two very different play types.”

By Carl Koko