Students react to hurricane hype

Hurricane Matthew, the first hurricane to hit Brevard County since the internet age, has been a primary source for information, and people’s reaction to how the internet and media portrayed the storm have varied.

“A lot of major news stations really hyped it up past what it deserved,” senior Eve Beard said.

As a result, Beard preferred the internet for gathering information about the storm.

“It predicted it much closer to what the newscasters made it out to be, so not only was it more correct but the internet also doesn’t have to worry about ratings,” Beard said.

Sophomore William Alexander, who used phone apps in addition to the internet, agreed.

“I definitely think it was hyped, and a lot of important information about the hurricane was not mentioned,” Alexander said.

Junior Catherine Tenbusch disagrees, on the other hand, preferred television.

“It was good because it consistently gave updates and warnings about the storm,” she said.

By Dylan O’Bryan