Students prepare for AP testing

With AP testing starting Monday, many students find themselves cramming in as much knowledge and know-how as they can in order to earn a 3 or higher on their exams in order to receive AP credit for their courses. During AP review season, many teachers switch from their traditional teaching methods to reviewing what the students have been learning throughout the year.

“The homework load has been less because the focus is more on reviewing the material,” junior Kishan Ghayal said. “This gives me more time to focus reviewing on my weaker subjects and helps me not focus on the subjects that I already have memorized.”

Although teachers give out less homework, some students still find themselves working late into the night to make sure they understand what they have learned.

“I’m taking five AP classes this year which is a bit of a workload,” junior Muhammad Abdulla said. “I usually spend around 30 to 40 minutes studying for each AP test each night which can sometimes put me working into around 12:30.”

Extracurricular activities also have to be reduced in order to squeeze in time to study.

“I play soccer for Indialantic and with State Cup coming up that I have to prepare for, it’s hard to find time to study,” sophomore Cameron Yeutter said. “I tend to focus on soccer more than school so I’m actually more nervous about State Cup then AP tests.”

By Luke Whitworth