Students learn to avoid dangers of vaping

An anti-vaping presentation was given to all middle school and high school students during homeroom on Jan 11. in the gym. The students learned about the damage vaping does to them and their bodies.

“[The presentation] went more in-depth in terms of the psychological effects on our brains instead of just saying ‘you’ve got a nicotine addiction,’” sophomore Dylan Bissessarsingh said.

Sophomore Loren Nienajadlo called the presentation was surprisingly compelling.

“I expected it to be boring, but it was kind of interesting,” he said. “[However,] I think a lot of kids just disregarded what the presenter was talking about.”

Nienajadlo also said he thinks people who already vape won’t be impacted by the presentation.

“I think a lot of the kids that were already vaping had a set mindset already,” he said. “I do not believe they will stop vaping.”

By Michael Stewart