Students gear up for pending AP Exams

With Advance Placement exams just around the corner, some students have begun to study while others have begun to worry.

Sophomore Sam Leighton is poised to take the AP Human Geography, and Environmental Science national exams in May.

“I’m not really worried about the AP HUG exam because I heard it will be easy, but APES will be tough,” he said.

Sophomore Stone Kershaw has begun formulating a strategy.

“I’m going to stay up day and night the week before the test studying for [Advance Placement U.S. History], he said.

The APUSH exam covers 42 chapters and more than 800 pages in the text book.

“I actually very scared of this test,” sophomore John Shi said. “It could either go really well or be the reason I’m grounded all summer.”

Sophomore Ethan Mooney is taking a more philosophical approach.

“I’m probably not going to study,” he said. “If i do weel, then great, but if I fail it won’t be the end of the world. I definitely wont lose sleep over it.”

By Nick Burgess