Student, teacher go ‘back to the future’

Sophomore Emma Myers arrived at school dressed as Marty McFly from the 1980s classic film “Back to the Future” on Oct. 29. The Halloween celebration was the climax of Red Ribbon Week, an annual alcohol, tobacco, and other drug awareness campaign. Myers also was able to persuade theater teacher Breana Davey to dress up as the film’s Doc character.

“Emma wanted me to watch ‘Back to the Future’ for two months and once I did, I was fully committed,” Davey said.

Myers said she campaigned hard for Davey to see the film.

“I really love the movie and I wanted to dress up as a character from it,” she said. “I really appreciated having Ms. Davey dressed up to match me. It was a lot of fun,” Myers said. “It was so cool to just show up and you’re both participating in the same thing. We got to take some pictures as Doc and Marty.”

Davey said she believes making connections with students is necessary.

“I really enjoyed it. My other students did too,” she said. “I try to have good relationships with all my students.”

By Arabella Dias