State senate panel mulls test reduction

Students and teacher might be feeling less stress if a new proposal from Florida’s Senate Education Appropriations subcommittee gets passed. The proposal calls for an end to EOC exams for classes such as Algebra II and U.S History and Civics. The subcommittee plans to allow teacher to make their own finals again in order to gauge the academic level of their students.

Sophomore Dustin Heuser said the proposal is long overdue and should be passed immediately.

“We shouldn’t even be taking standardized testing,” Heuser said. “We’re a college prep school not a standard school. The EOCs are usually really easy anyways.”

U.S History teacher James Pustay said the state needs to slow down on the constant change to how testing works and needs to see what works and what doesn’t.

“They don’t care about the social sciences,” Pustay said. “They need to stop changing it every year and look at the statistics and demographic of Brevard County.”

By Justin Ho