Standardized tests increases stress on students

When the bells go silent and the media center is always closed, it only means one thing: it’s standardized test and exam month. Because all standardized tests are required by the state to be taken in the month of May, students stress levels rise. Between EOCs and AP exams, students go from taking one test and immediately beginning to study for another.

“Taking these tests have increased stress because my teachers are still assigning work as if these tests didn’t even exist,” freshman Lily Winsten said. “They expect us to manage our homework and also get a full night of sleep before the test. Especially since all standardized tests are in May, our teachers are trying to cram in the last lessons they have to teach, so we have to take a two-hour test in the morning, then engage ourselves in our afternoon classes. It’s exhausting.”

Freshman Marissa Stazzone said at least one of the exams worked in her favor.

“These standardized tests have benefitted me because the day I had to take the reading FSA, I had an Algebra 2 test that I got to skip, so the FSA gave me an extra day to study for it,” Stazzone said.

By Lexi Vorndran