SRO cracks down on speeding

Flashing lights in your rear-view mirror is never a good thing, especially for more drivers leaving school. School Resource Officer Chuck Landmesser has begun pulling more people over for driving too fast.

“I’d been receiving complaints about vehicles not obeying the school zone speed limit,” he said. “I noticed people were disobeying the rules in the first month or so of school.”

After school, Wildcat Alley is a busy area between all the parents and students leaving in their cars, the crossing guards and students walking across the street. According to Landmesser, this situation makes the probability of an accident much higher, and to make matters worse, most people don’t obey the 15 mile-per-hour speed limit during these hours.

Landmesser’s primary concern is safety. He said he thinks students aren’t fully aware that the school zone speed limit is active after school and hopes this will educate students and help them follow traffic laws better.

“I have noticed people slowing down, even when I’m just sitting there holding the laser,” he said. “It is impacting the amount of people disobeying the rule.”

By Erik Dearmin