Spring brings dress-code crackdown

Recently, teachers and administration have been more strict on the dress code. Towards the end of the year more and more students seem to care less about the rules.

“I think because it’s the end of the year an it’s hotter outside,” junior Katy Johnson said. “You can’t really wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt everywhere because it gets really hot where we live. I feel like some people wear tank tops because it’s easier and it’s cooler for them, but still should wear the appropriate undergarments.”

Many of the dress code rules are created to prevent “distractions in class.”

“I’ve never been distracted by the way someone dressed,” Johnson said. “It’s never made me take my mind off the class. There are some boundaries that people cross sometimes, but if it’s just a[n undergarment] strap, it’s not going to be distracting.”

By Lonyee Eng