Runners prepare for track season

As the 2017 track season is getting ready to start, the team is preparing and getting in pre-season miles in attempt to get a head start for the first official practice on Monday, Jan. 23. 

Some kids, such as junior Jared Hayes have been preparing for the track season ever since the cross-country season has ended. He has cross-trained (working muscles that running does not normally work in attempt to get faster) and even altered his diet to get the maximum benefit from pre-season training.

“I have slowly been getting back into running and I have also been doing strength conditioning to get stronger,” Hayes said. “I think this will definitely make me a faster runner in the shorter events and give me an advantage over the other runners.”

Other runners, such as junior Trey Plyler haven’t been doing as much in anticipation for the season.

“I feel really good for the upcoming season, but I haven’t been doing much to prepare.” he said, “I do think that my powerlifting will help me this season because the throwing events are mainly strength based.”

The first meet for the runners is Friday, Feb. 10. 

By Jacob Kent