Middle-school boys’ end season at 3-5

The middle-school boys’ basketball team has finished its season with a 3-5 record, winning against Delaura Middle School, rival school, Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School and Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School.

The team’s largest point margin win was against Cocoa Beach with a dominating 58-18 win.

“I’m happy with how the season turned out,” eighth-grader Dylan F. said. “We definitely improved as a team, and I saw players who are new to the competitiveness of middle-school basketball gain confidence throughout the season.”

Jesse B. said the team could have been even better.

 “I feel like it would have been more helpful if we practiced more because the school would not let us practice outside, and volleyball practice was typically held in the gym,” the eighth-grader said. “There weren’t a lot of times that we could practice.”

With the new Florida High School Athletic Association rule taking effect, the middle-school boys’ basketball players are not allowed to play on the junior varsity or varsity teams this winter which ends any of chance of the middle-schoolers playing again this school year.

By Robert Benezra

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.