JV boys fall to Bayside 45-28

After a difficult game the JV boys’ basketball team lost to Bayside High School 45-28 on Tuesday night.

“I expected to play a hard-fought game that went down to the wire,” freshman Jesse Bratman said. “We could’ve played better as a team and cut down on the turnovers, but overall we’re taking a step in the right direction.”

The team continues to struggle to score points, and with many low-scoring games, keeping the ball in attack is something the Wildcats plan to address.

“We really need to continue improving our offense,” sophomore Sam Tsark said. “We need to sharpen our passes, make more shots. and stop turning the ball over. Hopefully, that’ll help us win more games in the future.”

With four games remaining, the boys are limited by time as they plan to fix some of the problems in the next few games to improve their record and prepare for next season. Their next game will be Thursday against Melbourne High School in the West Shore gym.

By Madison Ainbinder