Eighth-grader displays athletic diversity through four sports

Micheal Lucente, Staff writer

Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Tim Tebow. Like these three sports icons, Eighth-grader Catrina C. knows what it’s like to play multiple sports. Catrina started playing soccer at the age of three before she picked up basketball, lacrosse and football at the age of 8.

“My favorite sports to play are soccer and basketball, but I feel like I excel the most in lacrosse mainly because it’s like soccer and football combined,” Catrina said.

Laccrosse coach Jenny Pazderak reflects on Catrina’s impact on the team.

“Being that Catrina is a multi-sport athlete she brings a variety of skills and abilities to the field,” said. “She is a very versatile player who can adapt to many different positions, which makes having a player like her a great asset to have on our team.”

Aside from playing on school teams, Catrina also plays tackle football for the South Beach Seahawks, an otherwise all-male team. 

“A lot of people were worried about me getting hurt playing in a male football league,”  Catrina said. “After the first couple of days of giving my 100 percent and proving myself, I was seen as an equal and no different.”

Seahawks teammate Cooper LaMontagne said he admires Catrina.

“Yes, Catrina’s a girl, but out on the football field no one cares,” LaMontagne said. “She’s always been good and she’s really athletic on the field. Our friendship has backed us as teammates because on and off the field we’re a family and we pick each other up if we fall.”

Catrina hopes to transfer the skills she learned from playing multiple sports to her high school athletic career.

“Catrina’s qualities and abilities from each sport she plays is carried over to each,” Pazderak said. “She is a very well-rounded athlete.”