Cheerleaders opt to tumble for improvement

After a few minor injuries, the cheerleaders realize they need to brush up on their techniques before JV and varsity basketball season begins.

Optional practices to improve the team’s stunting and tumbling are held at the Space Coast gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m.

Three out of the four stunt groups are usually present.

“A problem that we have is some people don’t come to the practices, which does affect the team in a negative way,” junior Katelyn Curtis said. “By this I mean that when we don’t have all the people from our group at the practices. It is really hard to become better at complex skills and we aren’t able to learn new skills with the people we will be working with at cheer.”

Freshman Marissa Stazzone said the optional practices are helpful because the team gets to work on previous skills and learn new stunts.

“It’s so awesome when our whole stunt group goes because we can work on stuff together as a team,” Stazzone said.

Curtis said these classes are preparing her towards her goal to cheer in college.

“I am learning more complex skills I can bring with me to college and I am able to work with people I don’t usually work with,” she said. “This increases my skill level by preparing me to work with new people, which is really crucial when trying out for a new team.”

By Lexi Vorndran