Boys’ soccer throttles Edgewood 5-0

The boys’ varsity soccer team crushed Edgewood 5-0 Tuesday night. The game moved pretty slow in the beginning with no score until after the first water break. Junior Chase Hester scored three of the goals, while senior Abe Murphy also contributed two.

“Edgewood definitely wasn’t as big of a competitor as usual,” sophomore Jacob Klenotich said. “It made the game a little less interesting. Usually there is a lot more people who come out and support, cheering and yelling most likely, but this year they didn’t have a very strong team so there wasn’t as much of a competition going on and not much of a crowd.”

Sophomore goalkeeper Cooper Stein shared Klenotich’s sentiments.

“There really wasn’t much to do,” Stein said. “I maybe touched the ball a few times, mostly when the back line would pass it back, so on my part it was a pretty relaxed game and not much effort needed.”

Hester said staying focused was key.

“The game wasn’t really difficult, but of course we still played the way we know how to play, we don’t want to play down to their level,” he said. “Really working on moving the ball and shots is primarily what we got out of this game, I mean extra practice is never a bad thing.”

The boys will play host to MCC on Friday with junior varsity scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m.

By Courtney Carter