Boys’ cross country finishes season off at state meet


Led by senior Austin Camps, the boys’ cross country team finished off their season by placing 21 out of 24 teams in the FHSAA state championships. Although projected to place 17, the team was still satisfied with how they placed.

“Our team is riddled with injuries so I’m glad we were even able to have everyone finish the race,” sophomore Christian Camps said, “I know that we could’ve done better but our main goal this season was just to get to state again, and we did that.”

Even though the team goal was met, some of the individual goals were not.

“Since it was my last season, I really wanted to go out there and have a great race,” senior Christian Hayes said, “Unfortunately, I started out too fast and the race didn’t quite go as I had imagined.”

The team had four seniors, all of whom were on varsity. Despite this, the team has a great future and is looking forward to next year’s season.

By Austin Hayes