Blue-Silver game returns — with modifications

It was girls against the boys — again. The school’s soccer teams brought back the co-ed Blue and Silver game following a two-year hiatus in an attempt to get players and fans excited for the upcoming season. The game kicked off with gender-specific teams at 6 p.m. but an hour later the teams integrated to avoid a boys’ team rout.

“It was really fun, but after we mixed teams it got a lot more competitive and entertaining,” freshman Michael Villanueva said.

The score at halftime was 4-0 boys, but after mixing the teams and restarting the score, the final score was 2-2.

Sophomore Jake Klenotich compared the game to Powderpuff in the way that people get to come out and have a good time both watching and playing the game.

“We should keep the tradition because having this game allows both the boys’ and girls’ teams to be able to play a game before the actual preseason,” Klenotich said. “We are also able to work together and get a feel for the team.”

Villanueva also hopes the tradition will continue and that he would’ve come out and watched it last year, had the game been played. He also approved of blended squads.

“The first part it kind of seemed like the game was too tilted to one side, and it wasn’t very competitive,” Villanueva said. “When we started to mix teams, it was more of a challenge.”

By Bailey Hetzel