Spanish Honor Society accepting applications

The National Spanish Honor Society will soon be hitting full swing. The National Spanish Honor Society sponsor Luis Martin is currently taking applications.

“Anyone can join the honor society, even kids who aren’t in Spanish,” he said.

The application is entirely in Spanish and asks a few simple questions, for example, your email address, your name, your parents’ names and questions about your interest in Spanish and the honor society.

“This year we are planning a trip to St. Augustine with the kids, and we plan to have an international fiesta which we haven’t determined the date for,” Martin said. “The trip to St. Augustine will be done by the Spanish Club. The fiesta and other things such as sale of candy will help us raise funds.”

The trip will be the first taken with the Spanish club so details still need to be worked out.

According to Martin, it will help students learn the culture and foods of Spanish-speaking people, including how they live and what goes into their everyday lifestyles.

Sophomore Hope Dougherty, a student in Martin’s Spanish 4 class, is interested in joining National Spanish Honor Society.

“The club sounds interesting to a large group of kids,” Dougherty said. “I would like to help the Spanish culture enthusiasm grow.”

Applications can be found in Martin’s Room 2-102.