Spanish Honor begins candy sale

The National Spanish Honor Society has begun a candy-sale fund-raiser for its upcoming trip to St. Augustine.

“Selling candy after school is a great way to make moolah,” sophomore Ethan Mooney said.

District policy precludes the club from selling food during school hours, so the fund-raiser must take place after school.

“Most kids are looking for something to eat at around 3 o’clock, and supplying them with candy could make them a lot of money,” Mooney said.

Senior Steven Tenbush said he was pleasantly surprised during the first day of the sale.

” As soon as I saw candy for sale, I began digging in my back pack for a dollar so I could get some,” he said.

Items include Hershey chocolate bars, Kit Kat bars and m&m’s.

“We tried to buy things that we believed kids liked the most,” Spanish Honor Society sponsor Luis Martin said.

By Nick Burgess