Spacey’s apology rings hollow for some


Stage and film actor Anthony Rapp has come out after more than 30 years to accuse Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey of molestation. Spacey has appeared in TV show “House of Cards,” “A Bug’s Life” and “Superman Returns.” Rapp said when he was 14-years-old, Spacey picked him up and “tried to get with me sexually.” After the allegations were made, Spacey tweeted an apology to Rapp, claiming he did not remember the encounter, if it did occur, because it would have been decades ago and he would have had to have been drunk. On the same tweet, Spacey also announced he has decided to live his life as a gay man.

“I think we need to draw more attention to what [Spacey] did because it was just… wrong,”  freshman Savannah Donohue said. “Whether he’s gay or straight, whether he was drunk or not, what he did was not OK and he should be punished for what he did.”

To some, the fact that Spacey allegedly molested a minor is less surprising than the fact that he came out as homosexual within his apology.

“I feel like Kevin Spacey is beating around the bush by saying all these things that point to his guilt,” sophomore Julia Amorde said. “It may be a shocker to some that he’s now gay, but it also sounds like a confession in disguise. That, or he just really chose a bad time to come out.”

Spacey has fans across America wondering whether his apology was genuine, or if it was just used to defend something he’s kept buried for more than 30 years.

“I think that Spacey’s rebuttal didn’t defend his actions,” sophomore Marlee Krause said. “It insinuates that he has been in many situations where the same thing could have happened if he were drunk.”

By Gracie Moravecky