Sophomores weigh in on price of rings

Sophomores received their Josten’s packets for purchasing class rings Wednesday. Along with many style options and choices comes many different price ranges. In addition, Josten’s has added even more types of rings, as well as dog tags, necklaces and more for those who would rather stray from the usually route of a class ring. The rings can cost up to $500, depending on how the students design their style of rings. The necklaces and other jewelry also has a price tag through $300.

“I think they are OK,” sophomore Pooja Shah said. “They have a lot of style options which is cool, but I feel like I wouldn’t wear [it] much if I bought one. The prices are also like $300, and I could use that money for something else.”

Sophomore Emma Welman said she doesn’t plan to purchase a ring.

“I think [the rings] are not really my style,” she said. “I think they are kind of expensive too. I’m [personally] not getting one but if people want to get one it’s their choice.”

The order forms for the rings and other jewelry are being taken by Josten’s today and Tuesday during Power Hour. Placing an order for the ring also qualifies sophomores for a class of 2020 hoodie at no additional cost. During that time, purchasers also will be fitted for rings.

By Alana Mayott