Soccer season kicks off with secret dancer gifts

Every boys’ varsity soccer season, the varsity dance team shows their support for the players by getting them gifts of candy, sports drinks, healthy snacks, and more. Each dancer chooses a player, and is obligated to give them something small before each of their most important games. The catch: the soccer boys don’t know which dancer is their gift-giver until the end of their season.

“They (the gifts) make me feel more encouraged and ready because we have the whole dance team behind us supporting us and they make us feel like we really got to go out and win,” said Collin Robidoux, a sophomore. “I got Lindor chocolates, Gatorade, pretzel Gold Fish, and a squishy, fluffy soccer ball that lights up.”

Varsity dancer Lauren Novak, also a sophomore, explains what drives her team to continually want to support varsity soccer.

“The soccer boys are usually very appreciative, and that motivates us to show our continual love for the players,” Novak said.

Robidoux can confirm that he is thankful for the dance team’s small acts of kindness, and believes that the boys should return the favor.

“I think soccer players should do something in return,” Robidoux said. “At the end of the season, when we find out who our secret dancers are, we should do something for them because they spend time to put together a good gift and spend their money on us.”

By Macie Goldfarb