Short-handed tennis team loses opener

The boys’ tennis team opened its season with a 4-3 loss at Holy Trinity on Feb.2.

“It was just our first match of the season,” senior Ben Mechachonis said. ” We just had to get rid  those butterfly’s in our stomach. I’m sure we will win the next match. We will work out the kinks and play better as a whole the next opportunity we have.”

The Wildcats were missing some of their players they were part of the soccer team’s postseason to the state semifinals. They didn’t have a full bench to back up the starters.

“We played pretty good having only some of our guys there,” Coach Rick Boysen said. ” I’m confident about our future matches knowing that we only lost 4-3 to one of our better competitors this year. Losing ain’t always the best, but I’m looking forward to what we will be able to produce in these upcoming matches considering the circumstances.”

By Keegan Schauman